Candida Diet Food World NewsInjection of

Candida Diet Food World NewsInjection of

Candida Diet Food World News

Injection of natural hormone promotes weight loss (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Self-administered subcutaneous injections of a substance called oxyntomodulin lead to weight loss and an apparent reduction in fat deposits, UK researchers report.

Rachel Hunter Hits Out at Teri Hather''s Weight Loss (
Supermodel Rachel Hunter has slammed Teri Hatcher''s recent weight loss, declaring the Desperate Housewives star''s face looks older as a result of her super-slim figure.

Study Probes Weight Loss Supplement Chitosan (WebMD)
Researchers are still scratching their heads as to how effective the weight loss supplement chitosan is.

Weight loss decreases risk of breast cancer in susceptible group (HealthandAge)
Women carrying a mutation that predisposes to breast cancer are less likely to succumb if they lose weight. We already know that obesity can be a risk factor for certain types of cancer. Now a study shows that weight loss can reduce cancer risk in certain cases.

Mayo Clinic offers successful guidelines for weight loss (News Target)
Follow these six simple strategies from the Mayo Clinic to find weight loss success. To learn more on this topic, be sure to also read the related article, Trim Spa weight loss supplement is formulated with effective ingredients.

HealthAllies(R) to Offer Reduced Rates on Popular Weight Loss Programs Through Jenny Craig (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
HealthAllies, Inc., a UnitedHealth Group company, has entered into an agreement with Jenny Craig to offer preferred pricing on Jenny Craig weight loss programs to HealthAllies'' members.

Black, poor women need tailored weight-loss help (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
To improve weight loss and maintenance among two high-risk groups -- poor women and African American women -- programs should be both affordable and tailored to the individual, new study findings suggest.

Chitosan supplements show some weight-loss promise (Betterhumans)
The dietary supplement chitosan shows some weight-loss promise, according to a review, but better trials are needed to conclusively determine its benefit to people who are overweight or obese.

Little evidence to support weight loss effect of all chitosan supplements (
8/24/2005 - The shellfish fibre chitosan has been shown in some trials to help weight loss but inconsistent product quality has led to conflicting results, believes one supplier.

Dietary supplement chitosan not yet proven effective for weight loss (Medical News Today)
The dietary supplement chitosan shows some promise in treating overweight and obesity but has not been shown conclusively to be an effective weight loss aid, according to a new systematic review of current evidence.